A propos de LI-THIAO-TÉ Jérôme

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A propos de moi

I see myself as a protean artist, as much as a performer – violinist, composer, producer and sound designer – as in the themes of my work, where the topics of gathering and legitimacy constantly intersect with those of dialogue and sharing of codes. This permeability is also part of the musician and the engineer in me, providing a know-how acquired by multiple experiences in the four corners of the world.


Through many years of traveling and experimentation, embracing interdisciplinary practices, I have found my own natural way of expression as a sound artist blending electronics, installations, soundscapes, folk instruments, movements, visuals and improvisation within the scope of performing arts.


My intention is to open a dialogue regarding societal topics, raise awareness and encourage empowerment via the means of arts. I am interested in topics like ecology, migration and human rights. My installation “Unbalanced Forces” exhibited in Budapest after the constitutional changes in Hungary, allowed the audience to reflect on their own behavior regarding the system they live in through a metaphor provided by an interactive multichannel soundscape. In another work, “Park in Progress”, taking place in the Nicosia buffer zone in Cyprus, I performed to illustrate the importance of communication in times of a humanitarian crisis.


My current artistic research & project “Vibrotanica” is about creating a bridge between Human, Flora and Fauna, experimenting and performing through various media and a diversity of venues. My aim with this initiative is to provide a platform to consciously observe and experiment with our green surroundings as a Society and to inspire for a change – in our daily lives, but also in our wider, political and economical environments. Just as ripples spread out when a pebble is dropped into water, by my work I wish to share, inspire and open a dialogue, concentrating on what interconnects us all: Nature.


Through Hybris, an acoustic strings improvisative side project, I attempt to pay tribute to what made the core of my music inspiration: classical music. From a very young age, I was influenced by classical music. It feels natural and reassuring for me to play the violin and it came to my mind that I wanted the so-called classical music to be as alive as possible, which meant to me that I wanted to create music with strings in presence of an audience. Slowly, I shared with classical musicians and the journey began. My first partner in crime is Endre Kertész, fantastic cellist from Hungary.

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